Banking is an industry ripe for disruption. New competitors have entered the market putting traditional operations under pressure to change. As a transformation partner, Immersion UX has been a part of this change.

We inject a human centered approach into our client’s landscapes, beginning with a strategic vision for the business that is informed by real customer needs. These are translated into concepts that we test with real customers. With this understanding we are able to begin the process of redesigning customer touchpoints. From public websites to internet banking to mobile apps and USSD we create experiences which transform the way organizations interact with their customers.

By focusing on the customer each of our clients have seen exponential growth in customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention.


In the insurance industry we have focused on how to architect engaging experiences across multiple channels. From engaging with call centers to designing chat bots we have helped our clients create an experience that motivates their customers through emotional drivers and reduces anxiety by reducing emotional blockers. We understand that insurance is a necessity but remains a grudge purchase. We have also learned that insurance companies are constrained by legacy issues that hinder progress. In order to overcome these challenges, we have engaged in large scale research exercises to build out effective customer servicing strategies that support all channels while taking into account feasibility. We have taken our clients on a journey from understanding their customers’ needs and pain points to creating experiences that have become exemplars for the industry.


From the smallest start-ups to some of the largest tech companies in the world we have helped not only in delivery but also in establishing their own experience design capability.

Technology alone cannot change the world. We have to inform what we create for the human being that is going to use it. Our clients have recognized this fact, and have partnered with us to ensure that they have the right strategy, people, process and technology to adopt a human-centred approach in everything they do.

Beginning with auditing the existing environment we walk every step of the journey with our clients to reducing vendor dependency and fostering a culture of human centered design.


Health Care is an industry that has been deeply impacted by technological innovation and evolving customer needs. Not satisfied with maintaining the status quo our clients have engaged with us to reimagine and scientifically validate new business models that leverage this innovation to meet these evolving needs.
We have helped our clients to, firstly, understand and clarify what it is that they are planning to offer. From there we went out into the field and tested these offerings with their customers. This process was repeated until we finally understood what sort of business offering would actually land with their customers. With this understanding in hand we were able to deliver the actual offering to the market. By understanding whether their innovative business will work we have saved our clients significant effort and capital on full scale solutions. We have also helped our clients create and grow their new businesses in a way that truly leads the market.

The Immersion C6 Blueprint in Action


Iteration at and for scale.


Fact-based opportunities for improvement.


Rapid, viable 'go-to-market'.


Creative solutions to complex human problems.


Approach to overcoming key challenges.


Deep understanding of your unique needs.

Transform Your Business Digitally